2015 Members’ Day

Our Members Day for 2015 took place on 28 March 2015, at Lancing Parish Hall, South Street, Lancing, West Sussex, BN15 8AJ.

The following Layouts and Traders attended:


Bowaters (009)  Rob Kacsmarczyk.

Spirit of Welshpool (009)  Mark Holland.

Blaen Cwm (009) Jon Reeves.

Ghum (009) Phil Savage.

Morton Stanley (7mm) Chris Ford.

Visitors –

Didlow Down (009)  Nick Pidgley.

Felsham Lane (0-16.5) Greg Dodsworth.

Nixnie (009)  Ted Polet.

Bottle Kiln Lane (009)   John Thorne.


Narrow Planet

Meridian Models

009 Society Sales Stand

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