2019 Members’ Day

Our 2019 Members’ Day took place on 16 February 2019, at the Lancing Parish Hall, 96 South Street, Lancing
West Sussex, BN15 8AJ.

The following attended:

Slugworth & Co (009), Joshua Campbell

Nixnie (009), Ted Polet

Watchet Quay (O16.5), Surrey 7mm NGA

Nugatory Basin (O16.5), Greg Dodsworth

Farr End (009), Peter Cullen

Llandecwyn (009), Martin Collins

Gellilydan (009), Jack Gregory

Brockles Ghyll (009), Richard Glover

Compass Point (009), Chris O’Donoghue

Coleford (009) & Life of a Line (009), John Wilkes

Tansey Bank (009) & Hobbs Row Halt (009), Bob Vaughan

009 Society Sales

Amberley Museum

Mulberry Modelling Works Demo Stand, David Bickerton

Narrow Planet (Kits)

The 7mm Narrow Gauge Association

Here are some photos (from Tim Sanderson):


Farr End



Brockles Ghyll

Compass Point


Tansey Bank

Plus a YouTube video:


If anyone has photos or video they wish to share, please contact us at:

(Replace <at> with @ symbol)

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