2017 Members’ Day

Our 2017 Members’ Day took place on 18 March 2017, at the Lancing Parish Hall, 96 South Street, Lancing
West Sussex, BN15 8AJ.

FROM 10.30 A.M. TO 4.30 P.M.

Some photos are available from Michael Campbell, and Tim Sanderson

The following attended:

Sussex Downs Group – New Layout (009)

Talynog (009), Phil Savage

Creag Dhubh Summit (009), Ted Polet

Thakeham Tiles (O14), Michael Campbell

Amberley Museum

009 Society Sales

Debris of War (Scenic materials and more)

St. Mary’s (O-16.5), Julian Evison

Mulberry Modelling Works Demo Stand, David Bickerton

Folding Industrial Test Track (009), Simon Hargraves

Vale Quarry Preservation Society (009), John Bruce

Narrow Planet (Kits)

Souk el Khemis (009), Andrew Walters

Tokar (009), Peter White

Pentre Uchaf (009), Tony Peart

Compass Point (009), Chris O’Donoghue

Delta Cables, Stuart Brewer (late replacement for Brockles Ghyll)

Sonne See und Schmalspur (HOe), Andrew Knights

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